Training and capacity building

Our success depends not merely on whether a problem has been solved, but whether the solution is sustainable. We ensure sustainability with approaches that incorporate a strong capacity building component. Our capacity-building goes beyond initial training to include institutional development and on-the-job coaching and mentoring. Our emphasis on capacity-building provides solutions that are cost-effective for clients in the medium to long term.


Over the years we have developed several training modules in conflict analysis, impact assessment, scenario planning, risk assessment and early warning, and conflict management and resolution. Our training programmes are tailored to client needs, and incorporate both state-of-the-art methodology and the intricacies and challenges of implementation. We firmly believe in “learning by doing” and will often combine training with field-work.


To provide a focus to our capacity-building solutions, our institutional development work is normally preceded by an institutional assessment (taking into account policy, practice, procedure, and resources). Findings are discussed with clients before an institutional development strategy is developed and implemented.