Corporate Issues

When businesses and corporations operate in unstable or conflict-affected zones, they take on serious risks to their staff, assets and reputation. We provide a range of services to our corporate clients.


Corporate security


Managing security risks effectively in unstable or conflict-affected zones must go beyond building security fences and deploying security personnel.  Our preferred strategy is to place sound and transparent corporate-community-government relations at the centre of corporate security. For we believe that if the host community is cohesive and secure, and if relations between government law enforcement bodies and communities are constructive, then corporate assets and staff will be more secure.


Of course, corporate security challenges are diverse. Accordingly, our solutions incorporate the context, nature and severity of risks, and are often based on initial risk assessment studies. We also establish risk monitoring and assessment systems to track changes in the environment. We specialise in the design and deployment of early warning and response systems, proactive conflict impact assessments, community conflict resolution capacity-building, and a range of other preventive action measures.


Human rights and corporate governance


With the development of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, companies now have an additional tool to manage adverse human rights impacts associated to their operations.  The Guiding Principles, however, also place additional requirements on companies related to how they respect human rights in their operations and remedy any adverse impacts that may occur.


Our specific services on human rights and corporate governance include:


Reviews how companies are placed in relation to the Guiding Principles - and what they must do to effectively implement them.  We take a risk-based approach to this work and generate action plans that enable companies to maximise the value of the Guiding Principles as a tool to manage their social impacts.  Our experience with such reviews to date is in the extractive sector with large companies that also have operations in countries affected by instability and conflict.


Human Rights Risk Assessments (HRRA) and Human Rights Impact Assessments (HRIA), specifically around corporate assets and for project development.  Given the complexity of operations, we take a staged approach to these exercises.  We will normally propose a quick HRRA focused on the company's human rights commitments to identify immediate risks, mitigation measures, and parameters for any planned HRIAs.  This way, we help companies target HRIAs better and immediately address key human rights exposure areas.