Case Studies

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Setting up an IFC Security Management System


Location: Nigeria


Client: Multinational energy company


The ProblemThe client needed to put an IFC compliant security management system in place with a view to securing lender finance for their proposed solar power plant, to be built in an insecure area affected by the Boko Haram insurgency. The capacity of the Nigerian security forces to provide security to the standards required in IFC guidance and in accordance with the VPSHR was variable. Active community vigilante groups in the area were armed and untrained.


What we did:


We carried out a combined IFC compliant risk assessment and a capacity needs assessment of public and private security forces, including community vigilante groups.


We engaged with public security forces and community vigilante groups to define appropriate interfaces and standard operating procedures.


 We aligned security requirements and security posture with community relations and social investment plans.


We reviewed security engineering for the solar panel plant in light of risks, capacities, and needs, and identified where savings could be made.


We defined practicable solutions to challenges associated with engaging with public security forces in the area and ensuring that company business ethics and standards were implemented.


The outcome: The foundations were put in place for the client to qualify for lender finance from a security point of view.

Subnational stabilisation plan for a Government


Location: Confidential
Client: Confidential
The Problem: An ongoing criminalised insurgency was underway in part of the country, for which there had been multiple failed attempts to address. The incoming  executive wanted a stabilisation strategy and programme for the region that would enable the alignment of key government institutions and external partners.


What we did:


We convened key advisors in the incoming executive over a three month period in order to co-design a stabilisation strategy.


We evidenced the discussions and dialogue with research on key topics, including security sector reform, regional development plans, dispute resolution for inter- and intra-community conflict, disarmament, demobilisation and integration efforts.


We designed a strategy and a supporting programme for the executive.


The outcome: A subnational stabilisation programme for an incoming executive was realised.

Mapping infiltration of criminal syndicates into a mine


Client: Multinational mining company
The ProblemThe client was experiencing a number of problems at the site, including theft and other loses, and community unrest connected to artisanal and small scale mining. The client was aware of criminal infiltration of the mine site but had not mapped the extent of infiltration or the quantity of losses they were experiencing.
What we did:


We conducted a rapid, discreet and conflict sensitive field investigation process, whereby we engaged with key stakeholder groups and began mapping illicit economies connected to the mine. This enabled us to start building a picture of the total size of theft and losses that the company was experiencing.


From there we built a picture of the capability required to execute and manage that type and level of criminal activity.


We undertook deep dives into specific operations in order to understand the different levels of infiltration for the different kinds of theft.


We were able to map and estimate the size of theft and loss, the processes of stealing, the capability required to steal specific assets at specific quantities, and therefore the level of infiltration required to execute the theft.


In addition, we conducted an investigation into artisanal and small scale mining, community dependency on it, and community-syndicate patronage relationships.


The outcome: We provided the client with a clear picture of criminal infiltration of the mine site, executed with zero incidents and accidents.